My name is Christophoros Demetriou and I have a passion for storytelling. There is nothing I enjoy more in life than sharing stories. My aim is to entertain people and I try to do that in all my work; that is why I am always on the lookout for a good twist.

My intense love for stories has led me to create Copper Mouflon, under which I publish stories I’ve written. These include comics, short stories, and novels. Working with others to create my comics, I’ve realized how much I enjoy collaborations that bring stories to life. Not only are two heads better than one, but collaborators make the work a lot more fun, too.

When I’m not writing stories, I’m either consuming them, contemplating life while holding open a fridge door, or hitting the gym in an attempt to burn off what I ate while standing in front of the fridge; everyone knows it helps with creativity. My goal is to make readers fall in love with storytelling by sharing unique tales that will have them turning pages (or scrolling down) with bated breath and harrowing excitement.

You can read my work and collaborations by following the links on this site. If you’re a storyteller or visual artist and have an idea for a collaboration, I’d love to hear from you!
Feel free to reach out! 

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